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A Time Series: Harry Potter Fanfiction

Scroll to learn about my writing process and to discover more about the world that I expand throughout the story.


What's it about?


The Time Series fits into the classic independent/grey Harry trope where he breaks free from the chains that canon imposes on him. But, to be clear, this is not a bashing fic. My characters, first and foremost, are reasonable people. They go through phases, disagree with each other and sometimes can't stand each other, I firmly believe that, just because the world is magical, it doesn't mean it can't be grounded in reality. Meaning the key word in this fic is maturity, followed closely by compromise.

Although the time period that the books are focused on are called wizarding wars we see very little of the fighting itself as Harry is kept away from it as much as possible. Here, we see Harry being the most active player in the conflict just as he says he wants to be in canon.

That means there's a fair amount of loss of life and not described in a way that is kid friendly. Harry's strength also invites a more volatile and vicious antagonist in Voldemort.

If you give it a go, I hope you enjoy! Look out for the author notes that start up in the second book as they feature chapter analysis/reflection for those interested.

You can read these stories at AO3 and

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Maps, maps and more maps... (spoilers ahead)

An archive of maps and operations to keep continuity and illustrate key areas of interest. 

AI Imagery

Here's an ever growing collection of AI imagery that I use to visualise certain aspects of the story


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